Thursday, February 10, 2011

The Beauty of the Thermicon no! no! Hair Remover

no no hair removal
One thing that this country has become obsessed with is beauty. Everyone is searching how to make themselves as perfect as possible, and in a day where plastic surgery, fad diets and outrageous exercise programs are all the rage why are people still taking the time to wax and shave to get rid of their unwanted hair. no! no! hair removal uses the Thermicon technology to make the hair removal process a little bit easier.
Thermicon is a fairly new form of removing hair. It uses the technology of heat versus light like the laser removal does. This is extremely helpful in a lot of cases where laser hair removal was not as effective. When using laser hair removal the laser concentrates on the melanin in the hair to center it out for removal it then applies the laser and uses the heat from the laser to help remove it. There is only one problem with this, when you are trying to remove very light hair such as grey and white these type of hairs do not contain melanin which makes it extremely difficult to single out these hairs for removal, in turn making the laser hair removal process less effective. Darker skin tones also pose a problem for the laser removal process. It can be quite difficult to distinguish the difference between the dark skin and the dark hair leading to burns on the skin from the laser.
The Thermicon technology has solved a lot of these issues with the no! no! system. The Thermicon technology focuses on sending pulses of hear versus direct line like the laser. These pulses will then concentrate on the hair follicle and follow down to the root damaging the area with the growth takes place. It is an extremely effective and easy to use process. If you choose to search the internet for Thermicon reviews you will find that many people are extremely pleased with their no! no! tool and that the effectiveness is not only equal, but better in many cases than that of laser hair removal. no! no! also has the added bonus of being able to be used in the privacy of your own home and can be purchased in local beauty shops or online at places such as sephora. The no no hair removal product has found a way of encasing the Thermicon technology and making it affordable for any person to be able to rid their body of the unwanted hairs we all dream of no longer having.
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 What are the laser hair removal risks?

What are the Laser Hair Removal Risks?

laser hair removalLaser hair removal has grown in popularity by leaps and bounds within the last few years. It is becoming more affordable, and easier to receive. A lot of people have realized, why pay all the extra money on creams, razors and waxing when you can go for a few laser hair removal treatments and be done with it all. The only real concerns people now have are what laser hair removal risks that there may be?
First of most laser hair removal treatments have a minimum risk associated with them, but it is always very important to fully understand procedure before choosing to get it done. All legitimate hair removal institutions will have a supervising licensed physician as a minimum. They will also be providing your procedures on FDA approved equipment. It is very important to check these things out with the facility you are looking to use for your laser hair removal safety. There may be additional laser hair removal side effects if the facility is not using the proper equipment or under the correct supervision.
It is always a big concern about the laser hair removal cost, but the great news is it has never been as affordable as it is now. The cost will vary depending on the type of treatment you choose. Hair removal laser surgery is more expensive than if you purchase an at home hair remover product. It is important to read up on the laser hair removal facts in order to insure you are choosing the best method for you. There are many laser hair removal reviews available on the web to aid in your research. There are not only reviews of people that have experience with the methods, but doctor recommendations and case studies as well.
A big concern may be with the type of side effects that one might expect to see after their laser hair treatments. The most common are slight burns or a redness or inflammation of the skin. There have been cases of a change in color of the skin, but this in generally more common in darker skin color. There has been no proven link of laser hair removal cancer. The side effects are pretty minor overall, when comparing them to general side effects one may receive after a waxing or shaving session.

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